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Module 8 Portfolio Project

Choose a manager to interview with whom you are familiarideally someone whom you admire and aspire to emulate. Ask her or him for some timeperhaps you can sit down for coffeeduring which you can describe your course learning objectives and discuss what you have so far taken away from the class (in brief) Ask the manager what insights she or he has to offer to you at this point in your career.
The goal of the interview is to gain insight into what makes a good manager from the perspective of someone in a management position. Some topics to touch on in the interview could include the following:
At the close of the interview be sure to thank your interviewee for her or his time and assistance!
Note: Any documentation resulting from personal interviews by CSU-Global students are for the sole purposes of fulfilling a course assignment and will not be used as part of a larger study published or distributed outside of the course environment.
Research and Reflection Paper
In the next phase ruminate on what you learned in your interviewespecially anything that helped you to gain a deeper insight into the topics you studied in the courseand write a research and reflection paper in which you draw upon learning shared with your instructor and colleagues your individual learning and knowledge you have gained from the interview to demonstrate a more in-depth understanding of the foundational principles of management. In your paper go beyond recitation of memorized facts or regurgitation of information; strive to synthesize the most important topics of management (i.e. leadership personality motivation decision-making communication and the importance of good management to yourself and to society) into a hybrid research and reflection paper.
Your paper should integrate responses to each of the following questions in a well-organized and coherent paper:
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Refer to the Portfolio Project rubric on the Course Information page for grading criteria. Please proofread your paper to ensure the sentences paragraphs and ideas flow well and are logical concise and grammatically error-free.

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