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  An Executive Summary provides a high-level overview of the project-to-date in

An Executive Summary provides a high-level overview of the project-to-date including; results, conclusions, and recommendations. These summaries are written for executives who do not have time to read a detailed report, but need to cover the major points of a project in order to understand the substance.
This week you are to create a final report that includes an Executive Summary.
Choose one of the following ways to complete the summary:
A Microsoft® Word document including:
A 1-page Executive Summary (described below)
Combined and well-formatted content from prior assignments
An 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes
Your final project is to include the following:
Executive Summary
A Comprehensive Task List showing a high-level overview of the project and project-to-date results to provide an introduction for Executives
The Week Two Assignment Deliverable: The abstract data type algorithm headers for the inventory system, including: name, parameters, purpose, preconditions, post conditions, return value types, and the pseudocode definitions for a textbook data structure and a student data structure
The Week Three Assignment Deliverable: The recursive pseudocode algorithm which looks for specific text within all textbooks located in a library
The Week Four Assignment Deliverable: The document explaining sort priorities, including: the list of character sort strings, numerical data searches, arrays, subarrays, normalization database link revisions, and Pivindex
The conclusion and recommendations going forward with the project