http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/gaps-biggest-problem-it-lost-its-brand-identity-165367 this is a gap compaign Creative Strategy, Appeal and Tactic Recommendations Creative Strategy, Appeal and Tactic Recommendations Introduce the BIG IDEA. Creative theme and appeal techniques based on brand positioning and consumer insights, copy platform, creative tactics and…

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1. This chapter defined and discussed gap  analysis. This type of analysis requi

1. This chapter defined and discussed gap  analysis. This type of analysis requires looking to where the organization has  planned to be and comparing that to where it actually is. The gap between the  two, is the area that needs to be addressed. What do you believe are the keys  characteristics that the organization’s plan must have if the gap analysis is  to be successful? What must managers guard against in performing gap analysis?  If there is a gap, how will you determine the next step in the evaluation and  control process?2.   If you are part of organization that has  an innovative strategy, what are the key inputs from the environment that you  need to implement the strategy? What steps will you take to be sure the inputs  exceed the minimum acceptable levels? What will you do to ensure your output to  the environment is acceptable? How are those two periods of evaluation and  control the same and how are they different?3. As a student, you are evaluated periodically during the semester and at the end of semester. Do you ever change the process that you use in studying in hopes of affecting the outcomes? Give an example. When…

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